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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Growing up

Thomas is Growing up very fast and is now 6. I mentioned the attitude he had at 4, hmm 6 comes with a new one too. And one that is somewhat more stubborn and independent with almost teen like defiance. The independence is not always a bad thing but if it had less defiance it would be awesome.

We have made loads of progress in some areas, which often comes after a couple of steps back in others. All of which is normal for him.

School has been going well, 3/4 through prep and he is really learning new things every week. Socially we are now just starting to see the deficits. Not understanding game play in the playground and combined that with other boys that will take advantage of that is starting to prove problematic.

Some days we can almost say what Autism... Then there are days where things are not going so well and it smacks you over the head, or in the ears as his new thing is screaming.  His ticks and stims are ever changing and lately the verbal ones are most popular. It makes for some funny laughs especially in the mornings.

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