About trying to raise a boy with Autism and ADHD whilst keeping a sense of humour.

Monday, October 15, 2012

OT 12 months on..

Well today Thomas had his normal monthly OT session. It went amazing. The change in the last 12 months has been incredible. He pretends on the way he hates going, but once he gets there he gets straight to it. Following the instructions and rules.

Cathie his OT is amazing with him and he has come along leaps and bounds. Even just sitting still between activities he does so well. He knows where to wait and what is expected of him there.

His balancing and strength skills have even improved. I was so proud of him today. I just wish I had gotten more photos today, even Cathie mentioned we should have video taped it. Sigh. Hindsight. Next month I will remind her if she wants me to do some videoing and see what happens.

Sitting in the waiting chair.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Turning 4

Yes it has happened he has turned four. Gone from that little baby to an attitude filled 4 year old! Oh boy. They say two is bad. Four they talk back with sass and smartness. Golly gosh. I sense we are in for some huge fun (and lots of wine for mummy) in the coming months.

One big thing happened. We brought him a bike, unsure how he would go as he never grasped the trike idea or had the muscle tone to manipulate them because of the angle at which they sit on them. So imagine our surprise when he grasped riding a bike within the first few days. What a proud and happy mummy I was this sunny Saturday afternoon I took him out on his bike.