About trying to raise a boy with Autism and ADHD whilst keeping a sense of humour.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Autism awerness month. APRIL

There was lots of going blue, coloured hair and even blue lights this month. I was even in a newspaper or two... LOL

 Our first blue morning Tea at the support group. posing with two of the young men of the group for the news papers.
 Blue haired mummy with her little man.
 Cup cakes and chocolate.... Great mix.

 The Go Blue Launch in the Queen street Mall Brisbane.
 Daddy even came down during his lunch break.
 Tender moment - maybe - but more like removing Vegemite's from a face and Thomas playing with the blue hair.
 Great mates, wanting to join in, but not sure how.
 Our frount door. Thomas rubbed the liquid chalk before it dried.
 He found my wig in the car.
In blue for School. The red thing on his chest is a chewy necklace. Great for stimming and perfect solution to needing a dummy still.

Spinning and stimming

Stimming and spinning are very much traits of Aspergers. People with Autism and Aspergers use these ticks and quirks to self center and concentrate. After a fairly stressful March we have noticed Thomas picking up the notch of stimming and spinning.

Thomas has taken to walking around the edges of room or around one item of furniture. This would be dizzying for some people but for other it helps them focus and make sense of their worlds. He has also been making annoying sounds (very loudly as nothing with Thomas is quiet!) repetitively. Lining toys up and having them in just the right order is not uncommon.

Today was the arm flapping and airplane motions complete with sound effects naturally, whilst we shopped. Today there was not hiding the fact he was just no ordinary boy in a pram. Which is always fun when you have shopping to do.

How we lessen his anxiety when out and about - iPad for distraction, head phones for positive noise input. Sun shade and covering blanket for light reduction. This sometimes works, other times he simply can't focus enough for it to work.
Other activities to lesson his stimming or creating a positive stimming activity is the Trampoline. This also has the added advantage of  using up excess energy.