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Friday, December 30, 2011

November December update! (LONG post)

Sorry it has been so long since our last update.

Mumvember ended mid way through. Yep I got to busy and too stressed as well as hitting some challenges that were simply not applicable to us.
November was a month of last days at School, dealing with changed routines (day care mum had holidays) and even more full on behaviours. He is really starting to show more signs of Autism to others now, not just the lots of little things we saw. From barking at people in public to inability to focus and stimming in public (something he used to just save for home).
We also had a result on our MASS application for the buggy. It was denied simply because he can walk. No other needs were taken into consideration. But like all good plans we had a back up. They came through in the nick of time. We picked it up on the 11th December (but more on that soon).

The end of November saw the Christmas season come into full view. Starting with our first Christmas party at Aussie world (on the sunshine coast) with the crew from Camp Autism. It was a blast and honestly can not wait to go back there again. It is like stepping into a time warp. good old fashion fun for all ages with out the huge expense.

The next Christmas party/end of year party was the following weekend. The Ipswich Parents/Carers ASD support group had it's Christmas party on the Friday with our normal meeting. Thank-fully this was a morning where it was just mummy! Sunday we then followed it up with a family sausage sizzle at a local (fenced park) so everyone could meet, fathers, older children ect. But in typical style Even though I had nearly all the items for that day, Thomas fell ill with a nasty infection in a wound on his knee. Thankfully a local drop in Dr's clinic and great support from others meant that the show went on and no one was the wiser (other than one hyperactive child sitting quietly in a pram that he was too big for).
Did I mention we had been busy!!
The following weekend was yet another Christmas party. This time it was something to behold. A wonderland of amazement for special needs children and their carers. Also the day we got the new buggy. I am talking about the famous Variety Children's Christmas party. The day was amazing but very full on. The children were suitably spoilt and entertained with non stop concerts and performances on stage, plus rides, jumping castles, fire trucks, Ambulances, assorted police vehicles and horses, SES, Brisbane City council bus, The Railway work shop display, Food, drinks, The Coffee Club stands, Santa and his present cave, balloons, ice cream from home ice creams, face painting, Mater - Variety bash tow truck done to be a replica Mater from the Cars movies. Plus Special Needs Solutions.

Special Needs Solutions needs their own special mention. These are the suppliers (not the funding body) of the new buggy. The SOS call was made to them the Monday before that we needed the buggy due to Thomas currant injury. They then did their best to have it by the end of the week (est delivery was not until 20th December). On the Friday they called me to say it had arrived in their office the courier was coming to pick it up, but they were not sure if it would be delivered until Monday. When I expressed my disappointment that it would be handy to have for Sunday for the Christmas party she put two and two together and worked out we would both be at the same Christmas party. We made the deal to pick it up that morning. Maureen did not disappoint me.

So we don't have all of the components yet. But we have the buggy and seat lining, which for now is getting us out and about! Thomas loves his new "fire engine". He has his own space and we no longer have to put him in a highchair when we go out. The buggy sits him at the table at the right height.

Thomas with his mate Naython at his favourite cafe - The coffee Club.

But the parties don't end there. The next one was I can't believe it is not Christmas, family Christmas dinner. This is the dinner party held every other year when John's sister (Thomas's god mother) comes up the week before Christmas with her (now fiance) to have an early Christmas.
Thomas got suitably spoilt and had a great dinner with other extended family as well.

During this huge week, Thomas also finished up with his day care mum. Sad endings mean new beginnings though. In the final weeks Thomas was getting highly stressed about going. He was more anxious and was stimming so much more, and as the mother I was being dismissed in my observations more and more by the carer. But the final straw came when she refused once again to provide the emergency pick up service she was hired to do.

So then came Christmas weekend. 3 parties, 2 days. ASD parents nightmares. But in general we survived. With the worst meltdowns started on the 27th over a missing train. But like all parents who hate shopping centres at the best of times and definitely during sale time. I found and ordered it on line. Should be here Tuesday LOL.
So we survived the Christmas party season. Can't wait for the new year to start. With a new day care centre, a new school and more independent days there is bound to be teething issues. But also new opportunities and hope that we are heading in the right directions with therapy and treatments.

Thomas's new year resolutions:
1. To be toilet trained (at least day time).

2. To start learning emotional regulation to lesson violent out bursts.

There is probably more. But these are the two big goals and probably the most important.