About trying to raise a boy with Autism and ADHD whilst keeping a sense of humour.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May madness

May has been an incredible month for Thomas. We have been on a short break, started a new diet, endured a super moon, (yep so far this was just in one weekend), started using weighted products and started to read sight words and letters.

It has also been a month to reflect on how far we have come since his diagnosis 12 months ago.

* Meltdowns have lessened to a degree
* Public meltdowns have at least halved.
* Toilet training has finally started. - we are not even close to saying he is perfect at it. But we are consistently working through this.
* We can now do a quick shop (or even a quick full shop) with out too much of an issue.
* Thomas can now verbalise occasionally what is bugging him, ie the fluro lights was a big one. Yes he can hear them and knowing this makes a huge difference.
* Early intevention is well established now.
* Reports are now starting to come in and the advancements and delays in various areas are now being spoken about.
* He has eaten mashed vegetables (not just steamed or pureed).

Sleep has only slightly improved. We can now get him to sleep, but still dealing with middle of the night/Early hours of the morning wakings. One day this may start to improve, but simply this maybe as good as it gets for a little while longer, only time and lots of patience will tell.

But the one thing that every one agrees on, he is a happy and very active little boy, with good manners - even when at his most defiant moments.

Some snaps from our short break!