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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two steps forward...

Many steps back.  We seem to be having a lot of these moments lately where we seem to be making awesome progress, then suddenly regress right back. This is in both areas of behaviour, toilet training and communications. All of which is probably related to each other.

We will have a couple of days where you think what ASD? Then a night mare run. Sleep is also on the decline again for every body. It just does not seem fair.

This week we are learning that appalling behaviour is not going to be accepted. Deliberately destroying items is not going to go down well, and toys will be taken away. Tough love is happening. Explanations are  in place and so are the expectations. Poster making here I come!!

Potty training is also still the bug bear and getting tough here. Deliberate defiance at home is happening and mummy is not happy as he is a perfect angel at kindy and school. (He can do this, but for what ever reason won't self initiate at home and gets aggressive if we do toilet timing with him.)

This last month or so we have also been dealing with a couple of virus's here which does play a part in the down slide. But it will not get the better of us. It can't!

We have been making progress with food though. Eating things that are not normally eaten like savoury mince. Turned out even though it was slimy (his words) it was very nice. So it seems in the words of Dr Seuss "Try it, Try it, you may see, Try it try it, you may like it".
The safari breakfast.

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  1. awesome work little mate. Even big kids have trouble with food testing