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Monday, June 11, 2012

Technology and Potty Training.

Well with potty training boot camp on this weekend we have been looking at different ways to entertain this child whilst mostly indoors (the weather has been on the ordinary at best side.) So technology has come into play, especially seeing Saturday morning the wooden train set went on holidays after they were watered with Pear juice....

So out comes the Wii. Thomas got to create his own character, he also likes to change it's clothes daily too it seems. We have worked out games like baseball are best and he is an awesome pitcher, if we can keep him on task. In the end it becomes an amusing adventure of daddy batting and Thomas pitching as a team. Funny. competitive and not mummies domain.Oh and lots of, You can pitch the ball now Thomas. Any time Thomas. I think he is slowly getting it. But gets so easily off track.

But the Monday night funny comes as I was cooking dinner and Thomas found the iPad charging by my chair.
Next he come running up the hall way. Shouting need potty, good program on. hearing bob the builder on TV I thought. Ok. Bob phase again. Nope he was watching Thomas the Tank Engine clips on You Tube. So he grabs his potty to take back so he could watch the You Tube clip. I think I need to tell him about Pause and replay.

Proud moment. He recognised he needed to go. And whilst typing the last paragraph he did it again!

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